about the gca

about the gca

The GCA is looking to change things: People’s perception, understanding, responsibility and over all levels of knowledge and competence in goalkeeper development.

We will gradually empower you with enough knowledge to be able to deliver regular goalkeeper specific sessions. It will allow you to become a goalkeeping knowledge holder – not an expert or ‘specialist’ as clearly this takes time and experience – but enough information and support to be able to go back to your clubs and say, “we need to give our keepers a little bit more, something extra, and I can now help with that.”

You will also get regular information and knowledge shared by our network of specialists (people who have the experience and years behind them) who have volunteered to share their information and knowledge in order to help you and your goalkeepers grow.

Goalkeeping is not just about making saves (although this is a really important part of it!), it is about one single, simple, fundamental role – and our Guiding Principle - to keep the ball out of the net! Everything else we have, learn, coach and practice are the tools that help us best fulfill our ultimate role.

The GCA has identified the main areas within this Guiding Principle and we share the information and education we have gathered – from all  of our experts – with you. You can see more about these areas in our Curriculum Section.

You will also get unlimited access to our growing library of content, when we launch the Share Centre. This will be updated regularly by our team of specialists and will ensure that you never run out of ideas or session material.

So the only other thing to make this happen … is YOU. And getting this far down the page, you already know you are interested. So become part of history and more importantly, become part of your goalkeepers’ future. JOIN NOW

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